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STEM Mentor Training

We bring STEM-related learning experiences to schools,
we include training: programming, robots, microcomputers, Minecraft Education,
Virtual reality VR/AR, 3D Printer, aerial photography, etc.
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  • 虛擬接待員

  • 學校地圖

  • 溫度探測

  • 自助圖書館

  • 物聯網資訊

  • 學校通告

  • 互動學習

  • 識別學生

  • 學校資訊

  • 訪客登記

  • 場地租用

  • 人工智能學習

We provide all kinds of STEM courses to schools, covering robotics, coding, science experiment, creativity, design thinking, logical thinking and a lot more. We can also tailor-made our courses based on specific needs of schools and students.

With the various funding from government and NGOs to schools, our team provide professional consultation services in helping schools to best utilize the funding. We assist and advise schools on every details from planning to execution, ensuring best experiences for students.

  • One-off STEM Funding

  • QEF

  • Teachers Training

  • STEM Room Design and Renovation

  • Interdisciplinary STEM Projects

  • STEM Experience/Fun Day

For any inquiry, please contact us at: +852 3466 2531 or

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