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Provide various of STEM tools, micro:bit, Arduino, Raspberry Pi.

STEM Courses

We provide serveral coding courses for kids aged 4-16 to start learning coding.

Smart City  Competition 2022


Seminar: Early January 2022

Location: HKSTP

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School Courses

We provide all kinds of STEM courses to schools, covering robotics, coding and a lot more. We can also tailor-made our courses based on specific needs of schools and students. 


Temi 機械人課程

  • 學習機械人操作,移動編程和物聯網

  • 運用App Inventor 2學習構建自己的移動應用程序來控制機械人

  • 設計自己的IoT應用程序,該應用程序可以在機器人上運行,並連接到物聯網

>>> 到校課程 <<<

STEM 設計大賽 2022.png

STEM 設計大賽 2022 


  1. 親子組:K1-K3

  2. 小學初年級組:P1-P3

  3. 小學高年級組:P4-P6

  4. 中學初年級組:S1-S3

  5. 中學高年級組:S4-S6

  6. 公開組: 適合任何年齡 



  1. 智能家居 (資訊科技)

  2. 同心抗疫  (健康)

  3. 綠色生活 (環保)

  4. 編程設計 (資訊科技)

  5. 未來工程師 (工程科學)

Codesmine X Central Market STEAM Playground


We have cooperated with Central Market to deliver the STEAM Playground workshop.😊

All visitors had a good time in the workshop!

Central MKT Logo.png

Lead students to win the competition

Leading students to win the 2019 Hong Kong Primary and Secondary Drone Competition

MicrosoftTeams-image (42).png

The students we lead won awards in the 2019 Hong Kong Primary and Secondary Drone Competition. I have worked hard for the past two months. I hope you will continue to work hard and get more awards and achievements in the future! 😊👍🏻🏆🥇

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Lead students to win awards in the Microsoft Girlspark micro:bit competition


We led our students to participate in the Girlspark micro:bit competition organized by Microsoft. There were 100 students from 25 schools participating in this competition. Every team is so creative and uses micro:bit to make different smart school products. Every student is very serious to complete the competition. So creative and very encouraging! 👍🏻

The students we led have won awards from 25 schools. Thanks for your hard work these weeks. The students were very creative and came up with the idea of using micro:bit to improve the "order in the toilet" of the school toilet, which was appreciated by many judges! Keep going, everyone!

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Lead students to win awards in VEX IQ competitions


I’m so happy that the students we led have won awards for the first time participating in the VEX IQ competition. Our dedicated teaching and unique teaching skills. Although the students are exposed to VEX IQ for the first time, they can practice in just two months. There are 3 awards in the competition, "Robot League Silver Award", "Robot League Third Runner-up" and "Team Spirit Award". It is really very encouraging. Come on, students, and move on to the next competition awards!

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