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About Us

Our Company

CodesMine Academy is a Social Enterprise established by a group of IT and education professionals with the aim to provide the best quality STEM and coding education to school children. We offer a wide range of STEM and coding education programs to children ranging from the 5 - 16 years old.  


Our STEM courses and technical learning workshops allows students to build a deep foundation for science and technology, with both theories and hands on experience, in which students cannot achieve in mainstream school programs.  Our core program uses an immersion and mentoring approach in a more balanced student to teacher ratio.  This allows our coaches to personalize and customize based on the students, making for a much more engaging experience.

Our Mission

At CodesMine Academy, it is our mission to extend these benefits to every child we meet. Teaching them the joy of breaking down computing puzzles one step at a time, or seeing their faces light up as they test out their newly created game is what we delight in doing.​


Our Tech/Coding classes and camps are all project-based, which means students are applying computational thinking to each coding skill they learn, and are using the highest level processing skills as identified by the Common Core for true comprehension of the material they are learning to use and apply.

Our aim is to provide children with a set of skills that will prepare them for a successful future. We have a comprehensive curriculum designed to enhance digital literacy, develop interdisciplinary skills and stimulate different types of intelligence.


Why STEM is important to children

12 Reasons Why Kids Should Learn to Code


Coding is playing a more significant role in our everyday world and should be conceived as an essential language, more important or at least as important as English, that everyone needs to acquire to connect and communicate with the rest of the world.


Coding Improves Academic Performance
1. Mathematics

Coding helps kids visualize abstract concepts, lets them apply math to real-world situations, and makes math fun and creative.

2. Writing

Kids who code understand the value of concision and planning, which results in better writing skills. 

3. Creativity

Kids learn through experimentation and strengthen their brains when they code, allowing them to embrace their creativity.

4. Problem Solving

Kids learn to break down the complex problems into smaller parts with logical and computational thinking.

5. Confidence

Kids can build the confidence as they learn to solve problems through coding.

Coding Builds Soft Skills
6. Focus and Organization

While writing codes and debugging, kids learn to focus and organize the tasks to solve problems.

7. Resilience

With coding comes debugging – and there’s no better way to build perseverance and resilience than working through challenges.

8. Persistence

Coding teaches the valuable skill of persistence to solve complex problems and look for solutions through research and collaboration.

9. Collaboration

Kids can learn alongside others of every race, gender, or background. Kids meet and learn how to collaborate with all kinds of peers, all joined by a common interest in technology.

10. Communication

Kids can improve logical communication, strengthening both verbal and written skills when coding.​

11. Provides a competitive advantage when applying to school

Learn coding provides the kid with additional skill set to apply schools.

12. Career Preparation

There’s a high demand for workers in the tech industry. Learning to code will increase the child’s odds of securing a lucrative STEM career, especially in a world where computing jobs are growing at over twice the national average.

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