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STEM helps students explore their potential Curriculum
Creative analysis.logical deduction.problem-solving skills.
mechanical knowledge.all-round development

3D Printing Course (Aged 8-15)​

What to bring:
  • a laptop (optional)

  • a creative mind  :)


Course Overview

With using 3D software and 3D printers, students can understand 3D printing concepts, design and create 3D objects and graphics. Students can also use their creativity to design their own 3D printed nameplates and toys. This course is designed for children aged 8 - 16 years old. Through the practice on different exercises, students can easily create professions products and apply to daily life.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the 3D printing process and concept

  • Learn to use the 3D printer

  • Learn to use the 3D printing software

  • Improve mathematics and logical thinking

  • Create their own 3D objects


1.5 Hours a week x 12 Lessons (across 3 months)

Class Size:

Max 6 students

Course Outline

  • Understand the concept of 3D printer

  • Learn the 3D printer operation skills

  • Learn to use 3D software

  • Understand the concept of 3D graphics

  • Learn 3D model design and drawing

  • Create 3D text effects

  • Basic 3D drawing skills

  • Design and draw their own 3D objects

** Contact us if you would like to arrange private classes!
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