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STEM helps students inspire children's potential in all aspects and cultivate children's creativity
Creative thinking. Critical thinking. Communication and cooperation. Self-learning.
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motionblock (suitable for 8-16 years old)


Course Introduction

More than 72 robot playmates
The Lingyue module is a programmable deformable robot with strong performance and entertaining education. The modular design simplifies the construction procedure. Equipped with professional-grade intelligent steering gears, the Lingyue module can imitate the flexible movements of animals or complete high-precision movements. Equipped with a teaching pendant and motion recording function, you can design motions for the robot without software. You can also further control the robot through programming to realize richer ideas.


Modular design
More ideas, faster realization. The smart module encapsulates complex mechanical and electronic parts into modules with specific functions so that users can enjoy the fun of hands-on construction without being troubled by complicated parts. It can be built according to the creative form provided by the official, and the mode and number of module combinations can be changed at will to quickly create dozens or even hundreds of robots with different functions.

learning target:

  • Learn about light sensors, gyroscopes, temperature sensors, sound sensors

  • Understand basic applications of motion block robots

  • Students can master basic programming skills and concepts, including functions, conditional statements, loops and variables

  • Students can use robots to program

  • Improve imagination through standardized components of the Makeblock platform

  • Enjoy practical experience in programming, electronics and robotics to increase children's creativity

  • Inspire students' creative thinking

  • Lead students or recommend to participate in public competitions

Number of courses:

24 lessons in 1.5 hours per week

Number of attendees:

Maximum 6 students per class

Course content

  • Hands-on assembly of motionblock

  • Create dozens of robots with different functions

  • Understand the structure and parts of the robot

  • Understand the information flow: input, process and output

  • Basic programming knowledge

  • The Lingyue module can imitate biological movements and realize a variety of movements flexibly, and learn programming and bionics knowledge.

  • The following robots can be made

    • Handling robots

    • Quadruped robot

    • Bionic Robot

    • Humanoid robot

    • Car-shaped robot

    • Quadruped robot

    • Writing robots, etc.

What to bring:
  • Laptop (if any)

  • A motionblock

  • A creative mind :)

** If you need a private lesson, pleasecontact us to make another arrangement
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