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Creative analysis.logical deduction.problem-solving skills.
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Python Programming Course (Aged 12 - 16)

Course Overview

The Python Programming training course is for those who want to develop applications using Python. Python is a versatile and powerful programming language used in various fields, for examples, data science, finance, GUI and game development, and is supported by thousands of third party libraries.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn to use Python professionally

  • Build a complete understanding of Python from the ground up

  • Create games with Python

  • Learn to use Object Oriented Programming

  • Understand basic app and game design 

  • Develop logical and organization skills through programming

  • Understand Python with AI and Big Data


1.5 Hours a week x 12 Lessons

Class Size:

Max 6 students

Course Outline

  • Introduction to basic programming

  • Utilize variables and lists

  • Using loops for repetition

  • Conditional logic

  • Reuse codes by functions

  • Build graphic user interface

  • Implement human to computer interaction

  • Idea of object oriented programming

What to bring:
  • A laptop with charger

  • A creative mindset :)


** Contact Us if you would like to arrange private lesson

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