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STEM helps students explore their potential Curriculum
Creative analysis.logical deduction.problem-solving skills.
mechanical knowledge.all-round development

ROBOKids Coding Course (Aged 6-12)​


Course Overview

Can we learn programming without a computer or tablet? The ROBOKIDS building block robot course of ROBOROBO series in Korea allows you to concentrate on learning programming concepts without going through a computer.

This class uses ROBOKIDS’s unique teaching materials from Korea’s ROBOROBO. Children do not need to use a computer during their learning process. They only need to use ROBOKIDS’s unique card reader and program instruction card to quickly and effectively learn the programming logic and create a solid foundation. The logical foundation of programming.

The course is divided into 2 stages so that children can gradually learn programming concepts. Students who complete each stage of the ROBOKIDS course will receive a Korean ROBOROBO course graduation certificate. Outstanding performances will be invited to participate in the Korea and China Lebo Cup competitions, representing Hong Kong in the national competition.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn to create robots and robot designs

  • Understand the impact of robots on life

  • Students can master basic programming skills and concepts

  • Students can program the robot through a unique card reader and program instruction card

  • Inspire students' creative thinking

  • After completing a semester, the children will show the knowledge they learned during the semester to the parents to watch

Class Duration:

1.5 Hours a week x 16 Lessons 

Class Size:

Max 6 students

Course Outline

  Level 1 (ROBOKIDS)

  • Understand the parts and structure of the ROBOKID robot

  • Unique card reader and program instruction card to learn programming logic

  • Understand and use CPU, motor, light sensor

  • Assemble 16 robots

  Level 2 (ROBOKIDS)

  • On the basis of LEVEL1, infrared sensors, buzzers and other sensors are used for advanced work and mechanical complex models to improve logical thinking.

  • Use instructions to disassemble the card to control the robot.

  • Through the wireless remote control, give instructions to control the robot.

  • Assemble 16 robots

What to bring:
  • A RoboKids

  • A creative mind :)

** Contact Us if you would like to arrange private lesson
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