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STEM helps students explore their potential Curriculum
Creative analysis.logical deduction.problem-solving skills.
mechanical knowledge.all-round development

IoT Education Course (Aged 8-16)​

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Course Overview

IoT refers to the Internet of things. Through different sensing devices, we can manage all things through the network, make our lives more intelligent, and practice smart home life, smart agriculture, smart transportation, and so on.

This course teaches the Internet of Things from the shallower to the deeper. Through Wi-Fi IoT expansion accessories, you can connect to the micro:bit / mBot / Arduino and other motherboards to connect to the Internet. You can also use different expansions to connect to the IFTTT and Thingspeak platforms for IoT operations. Let students learn the application skills of IFTTT and Thingspeak platform. Connecting different parts and components through IoT, real-time monitoring of relevant data, teaching materials/products are close to daily life, making it easy for students who are new to STEM to understand and arouse their interest in learning.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the operation of IoT

  • Inspire students to observe the application of technology in daily life

  • Enhance students' ability to observe and recognize the development of current technology

  • Let students have an enlightenment effect on science and technology learning

  • The course will also encourage students to use different devices and programming to think about or design new and feasible inventions

  • After completing a semester, the children will show the knowledge they learned during the semester to the parents to watch

Class Duration:

1.5 Hours a week x 12 Lessons

Class Size:

Max 6 students

Course Outline

  • Understand the theory and practice of IoT design

  • Learn to use and design the Internet of Things IoT

  • Learn programming skills and mix the use of devices

  • Hardware introduction and expansion

  • Learn how to read different sensor data

  • Build a simulated smart home

  • Learn mBot / micro:bit / Arduino other installation or sensor applications

  • Learn simple programming logic in task form, such as If, then, Else, etc.

  • Combining the knowledge you have learned, introduce simple technology concepts and smart cities

  • Students are required to think about future development before integrating the programming knowledge and technological concepts they have learned

What to bring:
  • a laptop (optional)

  • a creative mind  :)

** Contact Us if you would like to arrange private lesson
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