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STEM regular courses

STEM helps students inspire children's potential in all aspects and cultivate children's creativity
Creative thinking. Critical thinking. Communication and cooperation. Self-learning.
Solve the problem. Enhance all aspects of potential

Tello Edu Programming Course (Aged 9-15)​


Course Overview

This course teaches students the key points and techniques of Tello drones from the shallower to the deeper. Through different exercises, the students can easily produce works of different professions and integrate them into their daily work or life. During the learning process, you can learn different skills, including programming, flight routes, aerial suits, and other related knowledge to strengthen the effectiveness of STEM teaching.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the basic knowledge of aerial camera

  • Learn how to operate the aerial camera

  • Learn mobile phone program aerial camera programming

  • Learn Swift Playround aerial camera programming

  • Students will learn to test the functions of the aerial camera program

  • Through different exercises, let students understand the key points and skills of unmanned aerial cameras

  • By learning the programming of unmanned aerial cameras, you can learn and master scientific research methods and interdisciplinary knowledge

  • After completing a semester, the children will show the knowledge they learned during the semester to the parents to watch

Class Duration:

1.5 Hours a week x 8 Lessons

Class Size:

Max 6 students

Course Outline

  • Basic understanding and introduction of Tello aerial camera

  • DJI Tello flight mode introduction and mobile phone control

  • Basic understanding and introduction of DJI Tello mobile app

  • DJI Tello Swift Playround program basic understanding and introduction

  • Write DJI Tello program

  • Test program function

  • Take off, land, and move

  • Fancy flying

  • Pass through the target

What to bring:
  • an iPad

  • a Tello Aerial Camera

  • a creative mind  :)

** If you need a private lesson, please contact us for an arrangement
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