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Creative analysis.logical deduction.problem-solving skills.
mechanical knowledge.all-round development

UARO Robotics Course (Aged 3-6)​​


Course Overview

Can kindergarten students learn programming? Through the Korean UARO Robotics Course, kindergarten students can also learn programming without using a computer.

The classroom uses Korea’s ROBOROBO’s unique UARO teaching materials. Children can learn robot programming without using a computer during the learning process. They can make their favorite robots, effectively triggering children’s logical thinking and creativity.

This course adopts a three-stage step-by-step teaching mode. According to children's different ages and development levels, relevant topics are designed for children's learning stage, so that children can learn to create robots and programming from games, and at the same time effectively train small finger muscles.

Learning Objectives:

  • Training finger muscles is more effective than making small hands

  • Learn to create robots and robot designs

  • Understand the impact of robots on life

  • Students can master basic programming skills and concepts

  • Students can program the robot through the programming board

  • Inspire students' creative thinking

  • After completing a semester, the children will show the knowledge they learned during the semester to the parents to watch

Class Duration:

1.5 Hours a week x 12 Lessons

Class Size:

Max 6 students

Course Outline

  Level 1 (UARO)

  • Understand the parts and structure of the UARO robot

  • Train small finger muscles through a unique screw assembly robot

  • Understand the structure and parts of the robot

  • Understand and use CPU, motor, light sensor

  • Assemble 12 robots

  Level 2 (UARO)

  • Understand the principle of remote control robot and mobile control experience

  • Learn how to instruct the robot to make a sound

  • Use more motors and light sensors to create different robots

  • Understand and use collision sensors, buzzer sensors, and remote control sensors

  • Assemble 12 robots


  Level 3 (UARO)

  • Program robot behavior by using programming module and programming board (Coding Board)

  • Understand the program principle of programming input and output

  • Understand the infrared sensor mode

  • Assemble 12 robots

What to bring:
  • UARO

  • A creative mind :)

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