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STEM helps students explore their potential Curriculum
Creative analysis.logical deduction.problem-solving skills.
mechanical knowledge.all-round development

Donut Maker Box Parent Child Class (Aged 3-6)

Solar Energy 1.jpg

Course Overview

We expose to sunlight every day. Moreover, do you know that sunlight not just keep us warm, but also can generate electricity?


Renewable energy is the future trend. This course helps students tolearn how to use solar power to generate electricity and understand the principles of power generation. In addition, through hands-on experiments with instructors, students can enhance their problem-solving skill,scientific exploration and STEM creativity.


Each student will be given a box of Donut Maker Box – Solar Energy to take home and revisit this topic later.

Learning objectives:

  • Assist children develop their scientific potential

  • Assist children develop their problem-solving skills

  • Assist children develop their creative thinking

  • Training children's coordination skills

  • Introduce the  nature to our children

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Solar Energy

  • Understand the principle of power generation

  • Build solar experimental toys by yourself

  • Understand the function of Sun

  • Acquire Knowledge of natural environment

  • Understand renewable energy

What to bring:
  • A pair of little hands

  • A creative mindset :)

Topic: Donut Maker Box-  Solar Energy

Duration: 45 min

Date: 26/11 (SAT)

Time slot: 2-2.45pm / 3-3.45pm

Location: DPARK L1 Donut Village

Class Size: Max 6 paris (Children & Parents)

Price: HKD $250

Solar Energy 1.jpg
Solar Energy.jpg
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Solar energy (1).jpg
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