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(Codesmine x CQF) The 4th Hong Kong Minecraft Creation Competition

The 4th Minecraft Online Competition Preliminary
Reminder: Export and import "World File" / "Code" tutorial: [Please click here]


Section One: Famous Building in Hong Kong

( ** Can be pre-designed, submit the answer on the day of the competition​ **)

You can download the World File HERE:



1. 建築物不能超越玻璃框範圍。

     The building cannot exceed the glass frame.

2. 禁止破壞玻璃方塊,可以破壞石英方塊。

     Do not destroy the glass blocks. You may destroy the quartz blocks.

3. 建築物沒有高度限制。

     There is no height limit for buildings.


Rating Guidelines

1. 請在下列建築物中選取一個作為你的題材。

​ Please select ONE building as your theme in the following.

  • 天壇大佛     The Big Buddha

  • 鐘樓       Cultural Centre

  • 文化中心     Clock Tower

  • 林村許願樹    Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree

  • 太空館      Space Museum

  • 迪士尼睡美人城堡 Sleeping Beauty Castle

  • 太平山凌霄閣   The Peak Tower

2. 建築物外觀需要參考現實建築,室內裝潢(如家俬)可發揮自己的創意建造。

 For the appearance, please refer to the actual building in real life.

 The interior decoration (such as furniture) can be built with your own creativity.

3. 加入合適的環境裝飾(如道路、照明、樹木等),其與建築物的大小比例須合理。

 Appropriate environmental decorations (such as roads, lights, trees, etc.) should be added,

 and the ratio of the size to the building must be reasonable.


4. 在建築物外觀及室內裝潢中,可加入合適的紅石裝置或電路。

 Appropriate Redstone devices or circuits can be added in the appearance and the interior decoration.


5. 可放置合適的非玩家角色(NPC)和動物。

 Appropriate non-player characters (NPC) and animals can be placed.



  • 可以用遊戲指令,自由地改變遊戲時間(白晝、夜晚)。
    You may use in-game command to change the game time (day or night).

 Competition item 1:

Programming Task Challenge - Complete different programming tasks according to the pre-designed theme.

(The tasks will be announced on the day of the competition)


 The following pages will be opened on the day of the competition.

 Participants can submit their answers on 15/8/2021​.

 ​Date and Time: August 15 (Sunday) 14:00-16:00 Online Preliminary


Competition item 2 :

Submit answer


  On the day of the competition (August 15 14:00-16:00),

  click the button below to submit your answer.


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