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Terms of Use

Notes for class:
1. If students are absent due to personal reasons, there will be no make-up arrangement, so please pay attention.

Refund policy:
1. If the center cannot be opened in accordance with the date, time or specifications arranged by the center due to special circumstances, such as insufficient enrollment, and the student fails to accept the new arrangement provided by the center, the center will submit a written request to the student Within one month of the refund application, the applicant will be refunded in full or in proportion to the tuition and other fees paid. (All are applicable to unopened courses; proportionally to courses already offered.)

2. After the student enrolls in the course, under normal circumstances, no refund request will be accepted. In the event of a special private accident, refunds must be applied to the center in writing one month before the start of the course, and valid supporting documents must be presented. The director of the center will decide whether to refund and all other arrangements based on individual circumstances. The center reserves the right of all refunds.

3. If the student pays the fee to confirm the enrollment date, it is less than one month from the start date, no refund application will be accepted.

Transfer arrangements:
1. If due to inclement weather, the center, or the instructor cannot attend classes at the specified time due to unavoidable circumstances, the center will arrange a transfer as soon as possible according to the situation.

2. In case of transferring classes due to special personal reasons, an application must be submitted to the center in writing or email 14 days before the start of the class, with reasonable reasons and proofs attached. The director of the center will approve the transfer arrangements for individual situations. The center reserves the right to change classes.

3. Transfer rules:
a. If the enrolled course is a course of more than one day, the entire course must be transferred, and it is not possible to selectively transfer certain number of lessons.

b. The same course can only be transferred once.

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